nagamani-belly-dance-companyNagamani Dance Company combines the globe-spanning styles of three distinctive dancers into an aesthetic that is at once sensual, powerful and playful. Nagamani’s ever-dynamic founder Lorraine Hanson honed her dance skills with Urban Tribal Dance Company, Subee Djinn and Tribal Feat. With other influences like roller skating, fire dance and magic, she always has a surprise in store.  Joanna Caselli developed her dance style in Alaska for nearly the last decade, combining her favorite pearls from the likes of Hahbi Ru, Artemis, Eva Cernik, Mira Betz and many more. Heather Hemphill (Henna) brought the sequins to the troupe with her background in Dans Oriental.  A Portland native, she is back after four years of dancing and performing in Tokyo. Grounded in earthy cabaret and American Tribal Style, she is passionate about pushing the boundaries of dance.These dancers are now together in Portland, brought together by their love for smooth moves and all things shimmery.

Members of Nagamani are a professional collaboration of troupe and soloist performers.  Click on the Events page for upcoming performances.

Lorraine_Dress_CuteLorraine Hanson has been celebrated throughout California as an original and ongoing member of the Urban Tribal Dance Company in San Diego, a founding member/former co-director of Subee Djinn in Los Angeles, a member of Desert Sin in Hollywood, and a former co-director of Tribal Feat in San Luis Obispo. Her understanding of tribal improvisation and fusion belly dance has gifted her to teach and perform in different states as well as travel beyond- to Hungary, England, Germany, Italy, and Holland. Her dance experience spans from traditional hula to roller skating whimsical. She has crossed paths with many amazing people in the bellydance community along her journey. Learn from a variety of teachers, dance with many… And don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong! Her goal has always been to keep the art of belly dance enjoyable to all those who participate.  www.rainpotion.com

Joanna Caselli first fell in love with bellydance nearly 10 years ago, and has never looked back. Her studies began in Anchorage, AK, in American Tribal Style, Turkish and Egyptian. She has since studied many different styles through workshops and ongoing classes. Her most influential teachers include Morocco, Artemis, John Compton of Hahbi Ru, Mira Betz, Myra Krien, Heather Stants, Isadora Bushkovski, and many more. With such a varied education, Joanna loves taking the best from every class and every teacher, and blending it into her own distinct style. She believes, as Martha Graham so eloquently stated, that dance is the hidden language of the soul, and strives to share this passion through teaching and performing.  http://dancejoanna.wordpress.com

Guest Artists

Kamini has been studying and performing various forms of improvisational Tribal belly dance since 2002 and her approach is one of constant evolution.  Currently she performs as a Tribal Fusion soloist and with the award winning Tribal Fusion duet The Bijou Project. Over the past year Kamini has been intensively studying American Cabaret with Sahara of Bend, Oregon and having recently relocated to Portland, she looks forward to continuing her dance studies with some of the amazing teachers here.  Kamini is greatful for her amazing dance  journey filled with good friends and sparkly treasures, and to have such a wonderful outlet to create her own unique form of expression.  http://kaminibellydance.wordpress.com








Samara is a multi award winning belly dancer who has had the pleasure of being a teacher and performer in the Oregon bellydance community for over a decade. During this time Sam-Small-18she has been gifted with opportunities to dance, teach, compete, and learn with a family of friends throughout the Pacific Northwest, most notably in Portland, Welches, Corvallis, Bend, Olympia, Eugene, and Albany.  Her current ventures include collaborations with local dancers, the Bijou Project, and solo works.  www.calapooiacrossfit.com


Elise is a theatrical fusion bellydancer based in beautiful Portland OR.  She has been bellydancing since 2003, when she fell in love with Tribal Improv at Caravan Studios and danced with the troupe Urban Berbers until its dissolution in 2008.  Elise continues to study and strive for refinement and inspiration in her dance, and attends as many varied classes anPhoebus-Foto (3)d workshops as she can from the fabulously talented local and imported teachers in the Portland area.  She is certified in Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements Intensive Level 2: Cultivation,and has shared the stage with such greats as Colleena Shakti, Unmata, and Ms. Rachel
Brice herself.  She was incredibly honored to be invited perform as part of Rachel Brice’s Datura Belly Dance company for Tribal Fest 2012.  A passionate producer of quality bellydance events, Elise co-produced the fabulously decadent monthly show Bellydance Uncorked for two years, before throwing all of her energy into her annual festival JamBallah NW, a wild weekend of bellydance and fusion on its third year in 2013. Currently, Elise balances her massage therapy business and caring for her new baby with her passion for dance and production; performing as a soloist and working on projects and collaborations with local dancers and musicians, sponsoring out-of-town performers for workshops and shows, and of course spearheading JamBallah NW.  Elise’s Webpage